About the Trust

The Garlogie Beam Engine Trust was formed in 2019 with the aim of taking over responsibility for what was the Museum of Power from Aberdeenshire Council.  This includes the Category A listed 1830s beam engine which is unique in Scotland as the oldest steam engine still in its original location.

The vision of the Trust is to make the beam engine and the 1920s hydro-electric power plant in the adjacent building generally accessible once again and in due course to restore the beam engine and water turbine to operation. The associated buildings will also be repaired and maintained. In the longer term, we would like the site to become a working museum telling the story of the mill and the textile industry generally in Aberdeenshire. We are also keen on using the site to encourage the teaching of STEM subjects in the local schools. A 99-year lease for possession of the site was signed with Aberdeenshire Council in July 2023.

The forward phases of the vision are as follows:
Set up: Creation of Garlogie Beam Engine Trust, negotiation with Aberdeenshire Council for a long-term lease on Museum of Power buildings and surrounding mill remains.

Phase 1:  Creation of membership and friends organisation, reopening of site to the public, application for grant funding for the conservation and preservation of the buildings.   

Phase 2:  Building conservation work, seek grants and sponsorship for the restoration of the beam engine to motion, conservation of the water turbine with associated electrical equipment and its evaluation for future use.

Phase 3: Restoration of the beam engine to steam if deemed feasible and desirable, installation of steam plant.  Public steaming demonstrations.

Phase 4:  Future ideas include: Enhancement of the museum as an industrial, historical and social heritage site.  Additional interpretative displays and working exhibits to tell story of wool spinning at Garlogie and the textile industry in general in Aberdeenshire which was very considerable in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Additional displays of steam engines, other types of engines and electric machines.  Use of site and exhibits as an educational resource for teaching science and engineering to school students and undergraduate students. Use of site and exhibits for the advancement of knowledge of social history of the area and the story of the mill workers and their families.

Recent Progress and forthcoming activities

After three and a half years of surveys, heads of terms discussions, and legal negotiations, the Garlogie Beam Engine Trust signed a 99-year lease with Aberdeenshire Council for possession of the site on 21st July 2023.
We have scheduled Public open days from 11am to 4pm on the last Sunday of each month from May to August 2024 (26th May/30th June/28th July/25th August) and in September we will be open for the Aberdeenshire Doors Open Day on Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd September.
Why not pop along and see the amazing history and equipment in Garlogie 

Please keep an eye on the Progress and Events page for further details.

Charity Number:  SC049632